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Project overview

The Creative Thinking in Literacy & Language Skills project brings together the collective expertise of four European organisations.

The project aims to bring together formal theories and principles of creative thinking, informal learning and ICT resources, within a range of accessible and applicable contexts that support teaching and learning within the areas of literacy and foreign language education.

Project Outputs: The project outputs include a set of ‘train the trainer’ guidelines that will include the core principles of creative thinking. Through exercise based examples and theories, trainers will become proficient in teaching the principles of creative thinking within the context of learning resource and activity development.

A training package for teachers that provides a set of modules designed around thematic areas of creative thinking and informal learning will also be produced. The modules will provide creative thinking methods through examples and instruction, for use as starting points for creative resource generation.

A sustainable course plan will be produced to offer potential for the project to be sustained beyond the original term as a structured training course for educational staff.

A DVD will be produced based on the key results of the project, as a way to raise awareness of the project materials and tools. Included within the DVD will be the training guide, the training package, the sustainable course plan and a collection of ‘good practice’ examples gathered by the partners.

All materials will exist in the four languages of the project partners:

Croatian, English, German and Italian