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Train the trainer guidelines The train the trainer guidelines are available to download. They provide a comprehensive overview of creative thinking along with a deliverable training plan, including resources.

Download them now to begin training for yourself or with members of your team.

5 useful creative thinking links to explore now: (Select ‘Creativity Tools’ from the menu)

Training package: The training package for teachers has been developed as a four-volume downloadable manual. Each volume provides ready-to use teaching resources within a specified theme. Each activity utilises a formal creative thinking method.

Please download and use the training package now.

Training Package V.1 Art & Design
Training Package V.2 Media
Training Package V.3 Narrative
Training Package V.4 Responsive Learning

Best practice publication

Access the CTILLS database of activities here

Sustainable course plan: A sustainable course plan has been developed during the term of the project to serve as a legacy resource in the form of a structured training course delivered by one or a number of the project partners. To take advantage of this resource option participants will be able to attend the training course

DVD: A DVD presentation has been produced to offer some initial insights into Creative thinking and to serve as a promotional tool.

View the DVD presentation here.